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About Our Weight Loss Program 

Welcome to Weight Loss with Mountain West Medical Clinic! We're right by your side as you begin your weight loss journey. We understand how tough it can be, and that's why we're here to support you at every step. Our 4-month medically guided weight loss program utilizes Semaglutide, a proven medication known for its effectiveness in weight loss. This isn't just a short-term fix—it's an ongoing plan that you and your healthcare provider will create together.

During these 4 months, our main focus is on making your weight loss journey personal and tailored to you. You'll have monthly check-ins with your own healthcare provider. They'll be there to track your progress, listen to any worries you might have, and make any necessary changes to ensure you get the best results. We truly believe in the power of personalized care, and these check-ins give us the chance to adjust the program to fit your unique needs.

Our weight loss program utilizes Semaglutide, which operates as a GLP-1 receptor agonist—a messenger that helps regulate your body's response to food. When you take Semaglutide, it stimulates the GLP-1 receptors in your gut and brain. This prompts your brain to receive signals of fullness and satisfaction faster, so you naturally eat smaller portions and feel more content. Moreover, Semaglutide supports the insulin-producing cells in your pancreas, which helps control blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for high-calorie foods. As a result, your body becomes more efficient at burning stored fat for energy. In essence, Semaglutide acts as a multitasking assistant, aiding appetite control, glucose management, and fat utilization to facilitate your weight loss journey. It's important to note that Semaglutide is safe and effective when coupled with a change in lifestyle, and it has the potential to lead to long-lasting results.

Welcome Package -Limited Time Only Free B12 shot for new patients 

When you join Weight Loss with Mountain West Medical Clinic, you'll receive an exclusive welcome package that lays the foundation for your journey to improved health. This comprehensive package includes a motivating water bottle to help you stay hydrated and on track. It also features the Empowering Fitness Plan, encompassing the Badass Body Goals: Booty Shaping & Resistance 10-Week Training Program and Fitness Planner by Jennifer Cohen & Habit Nest. With this inclusive program and planner, you can easily monitor your diet, exercise routines, and overall progress. Additionally, you'll be seamlessly integrated into our supportive community through a Weekly Support Newsletter, receiving valuable tips, encouragement, and a sense of camaraderie.


 As a special extra, new weight loss patients will be provided with a complimentary B12 shot to enhance your journey. This high-dose vitamin B12 injection delivers a range of benefits, including heightened metabolism, increased energy production, and improved breakdown of fats and proteins. These shots can lead to elevated energy levels, enhanced metabolism, and improved fat and protein utilization, collectively contributing to effective weight management. What's more, our weight loss patients will enjoy exclusive discounts on forthcoming B12 shots and all upcoming wellness shots. At Mountain West Medical Clinic, we're dedicated to your success and holistic well-being, ready to celebrate every step of your achievements alongside you!

Pricing Guidelines


  • First Month of Semaglutide: $350 (includes all required doses)

  • Second Month of Semaglutide: $375 (includes all required doses)

  • Third Month of Semaglutide: $400 (includes all required doses)

  • 12-Week Package: $1000 (includes a 3-month supply of all required doses)

  • Monthly Maintenance Dose: $450

  • 12-Week Maintenance Dose: $1,200

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