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Welcome to Mountain West Medical Clinic

Our team is here to help those in need get their medical cannabis cards. We believe in the magic of medical cannabis and how it can help to improve our daily life. You can feel comfortable when you visit our office - there’s no judgement. We are passionate about helping others in an empathic and personal way.

Look for our coupons in your local newspaper. Payment plans also available.

A Note From The Founder

I learned from an early age that helping others is simply what I was meant to do. I have seen medical cannabis work its magic with my own eyes. About 3 years ago, my daughter started having grand mal seizers. We’ve since learned that each episodes starts with her seeing an aura, and the convulsions follow shortly after. By working with her team to provide her medical cannabis as soon as she starts seeing the aura, we’ve been able to halt the convulsions in their tracks. We’ve witnessed the impact that medical cannabis can make, and we want to share it with others. Welcome to the Mountain West Medical community. We’re truly happy to have you here. -Amber

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Virtual Consultations Available!

Yes, the rumors are true. We offer virtual appointment options for med card renewals! 

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