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"The only toxin you need in your life is a neurotoxin. Let the rest go"

Cosmetic Botox, the latest breakthrough in non-invasive aesthetic enhancements. As a premier destination for comprehensive healthcare, we continuously strive to provide our patients with the most innovative and effective solutions. With the introduction of Cosmetic Botox, we are now offering a transformative opportunity for individuals to revitalize their appearance and boost their confidence, all under the expert care of our skilled medical professionals. Discover a new era of beauty and self-assurance as we invite you to experience the exceptional results and personalized care that have become synonymous with Mountain West Medical Clinic.

Timeless Beauty Unveiled: Discover the Truth and Potential of Cosmetic Botox at Mountain West Medical Clinic.

Welcome to Mountain West Medical Clinic , where we believe in empowering our clients with the latest advancements in skincare. Our commitment to delivering holistic solutions is exemplified by the transformative potential of Botox, not just as a reactive treatment, but as a proactive investment in your skin's future.

Recent studies have unveiled a remarkable facet of Botox: its role as a preventive measure, particularly among our younger clientele. Starting Botox treatments in your late 20s to early 30s can have a substantial impact on the development of fine lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions. By temporarily relaxing the underlying muscles responsible for these expressions, Botox effectively halts the creasing of the skin, allowing you to maintain a smoother and more youthful appearance. This proactive approach to skincare aligns with our philosophy of promoting long-term skin health.

For those with mature skin, Botox offers a multifaceted solution. Beyond its renowned ability to diminish existing wrinkles, Botox has been shown to enhance overall skin quality. Dr. Patricia Ogilvie's pioneering research underscores how Botox not only addresses visible signs of aging but also revitalizes the skin's natural elasticity and hydration. This rejuvenation effect contributes to a more youthful and radiant complexion, exemplifying Botox's versatility in catering to the unique needs of each client.

Only Cosmetic Botox is FDA approved to temporarily improve the look of 3 areas 

At Mountain West  Medical Clinic, we are committed to providing you with personalized care that leverages the latest insights from scientific research. Our skilled professionals understand the nuanced ways in which Botox can serve as a preventive measure for the young and a revitalizing treatment for the more mature skin. Your journey to lasting skin health and beauty starts with our comprehensive approach and the transformative possibilities of Botox. Experience the difference firsthand and embark on a path to timeless radiance with us.

Pricing Guidelines 

At Mountain West Medical Clinic, our philosophy centers around clear and open pricing. What you see is what you get.

We are delighted to present our Botox services, providing you with a range of options to enhance your natural beauty and achieve your desired results.

New Patient Special: $9.00 Per Unit for first visit 


Regular Price: $12.00 Per Unit


The Look of 3 package 64 Units $675.00

(includes 20 units in frown lines, 24 units crowfeet area, and 20 units in forehead lines.)


The Look Of Three

Only BOTOX® Cosmetic is FDA approved to temporarily improve the look of 3 areas— moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet lines, and forehead lines in adults

• FDA approved for 64 Units—20 Units in your frown lines, 24 Units in your crow’s feet lines, and 20 Units in your forehead lines. The dose has been rigorously studied and may help you achieve your desired goals. Ask your provider about the FDA-approved dose and why it may be right for you

• BOTOX® Cosmetic has been studied to deliver the repeatable results you may be looking for. Work with your specialist to schedule your future appointments at least 90 days apart

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